rich smith

rich smith

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First Name * rich
Last Name * smith
Username * snitch-was-here
Country * United Kingdom
City Stoke Edith
Nationality british
Languages English



Availability: Freelance


i used to illustrate commercially for an advertising agency, which usually meant an art director showing me someone else's work and saying 'copy that style'. this bored me to death, doing the same kind of things day in day out. so i gave that up. now i freelance for lots of people, and illustrate all sorts of things and i love it. one day i'll be painting watercolours, the next day i'll be doing a children's book, the next it'll be some 3D or storyboards and so heroes are bobby chiu, kei acedera, neville page, ryan church. i love robots, creatures, characters, stories, film, and everything about putting digital pen to digital paper.

everything you see here is a personal piece, which usually means a random idea, made to look like i knew all along what it was. i intend to get better and better. i guess this gallery is where you'll see how i'm getting on.


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